Indie game: Time Tracer - Path of Destruction
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Author:  clueless [ Thu Aug 07, 2014 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Indie game: Time Tracer - Path of Destruction

A long-time coworker of mine recently published a game, "Time Tracer - Path of Destruction" for Android and iOS. I offered to him to post a link to his game here, on NesDev. So here you go. Below is his verbiage.

Side Scrolling Space Arcade Action

This is not another bullet-hell shmup. No no no.

TimeTracer is an arcade-like action game designed as an homage to some old-school 80’s arcade classics like Scramble/Super Cobra and Missile Command. It also contains path drawing elements found in more recent games like Strike Fleet Omega and Flight Control.

Set in the near future where an alien invasion has destroyed your home planet, you pilot a single uniquely designed ship against enemy defenses (both planetary and space).

TimeTracer presents you with a single, simple goal - reach the heart of the enemy base and destroy it. You will face a plethora of enemy units and obstacles, some of which include vertically launched rockets, horizontal missiles, enemy fighters that fire their own rockets, asteroids, comets, smart turrets, mobile turrents, barriers and space mines. There will also be civilian structures and a population that is not happy about your attack and will engage their own defense against you!

This will NOT be easy. There are 12 worlds where you can act as avenger - destroying everything in sight, or defender - defending the local population as they attempt to escape into space. Yikes!

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