Awesome Games Done Quick 2015
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Author:  Myask [ Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Awesome Games Done Quick 2015

It's that time again: AGDQ was on this week, raising money for Prevent Cancer Foundation.
Main page.
Also-useful links:
Run schedule. (Googledocs mirror of schedule.)
Donation tracker. (Has subpages of what challenges/bid wars/prizes are available, and a duplicate schedule too)
The reddit thread, usually the first place to find links to the starts of completed runs on the Twitch recordings. Someone's very technically on-the-ball, "unofficial" youtube uploads are available for everything I checked.

I was told that #AGDQ2015 is the hashtag of choice, though I do not twit.

Twelve hours in, $100k in simple donations already. Prior viewercount record (~110k?) surpassed just a few runs in.

The TAS block(s) were great this year: [rot13 as spoiler-damping mechanism] Gurl nppbzcyvfurq jung gurl bayl jnagrq gb ynfg gvzr: FZJ-qryvirerq cnlybnq bs FZO1. Gura Cbxrzba Cynlrq Gjvgpu.

The lineup look(ed) great this year. (Of probably interest to this crowd are Kaizo Mario World, Battle Kid, and many other NES/FamiCom titles, though I encourage looking at the schedule/possibly saving a copy. Games may be being cut for time, but a friend asked about one they were interested in and it got re-added, so they are being responsive.)

edit: AGDQ 2015 is over now. While they didn't succeed in continuing the trend of super-exponential money growth they'd had (of more-than-doubling each year), $1.5M is still a few hundred grand more than last year.

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