Battle of the Bits ~ Kickstarter?
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Author:  B00daW [ Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Battle of the Bits ~ Kickstarter? ... f-the-bits

So it's here. Many of you know that Battle of the Bits is a freeform environment for music development from obscure chip/computer/console formats. Well, fearless leader (puke7) is broke. He's at home looking for a job and believes that working for as a full-time job for a while will really help him out. Shit. If you've even gone to BotB for one of our projects then you at least understand what he/we are trying to do together. Art/music is a format that ascends time and format -- technological format... eh?

If you wanna see more old-school music and art then give us some bucks. Please? We're only gonna get better.

You don't like certain aspects of BotB? Join in and voice your concerns without abandon. BotB is your freedom. You'll only get banned if you create art outside of creative-restrictive-formats. Are you a self-absorbant troll? Well, maybe things don't apply... :/

1.) Rules: "Be nice and cool. Don't torture ponies with waffles. :/"

2.) Read "1.)"

3.) It would be really nice of any of you to invest some money into puke7's dream to do something nerdy and fun.


<3 Uncle B00daW

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