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Post by 93143 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:26 am

93143 wrote:New feature: regenerative braking. Take some (not all) of the kinetic energy you shed by braking into a hairpin (which you would have to do in this game, because I feel like the brake button in F-Zero needs more love) and add it to the shield meter. Combine with arbitrary-length boosts, where holding the button down drains your shields into your engines at a given constant rate. This way, you can boost out of the turn and end up losing less speed without having to actually sacrifice any of the shield energy you had before slowing down.
tepples wrote:By braking fills the boost meter, did you mean "Kirby Air Ride"?
So, uh... Turns out you can actually do this in modern-day LMP1, and somewhat in F1 too. The Audi R18, for example, normally gets about 500-550 hp to the rear wheels from its diesel engine, but when the driver pushes the boost button it gets another ~450 hp or so to the front wheels from the electric drive system. Obviously the battery's state of charge doesn't affect the car's durability, but if iRacing videos on YouTube are any guide, the feeling of charging up while braking into a corner and then blasting back out with the energy you gained certainly seems to be there.

I swear I did not know about this when I came up with the idea. I knew what regenerative braking was, but I thought it was just a thing Priuses did to save fuel...

Also, funny story: the modern Audi R18's internal combustion engine (which ultimately supplies all the energy for the race) has a rated power output no higher, and maybe a bit lower, than that of a car the same company built in 1936 - the Auto Union Type C. The kicker is that the Auto Union was lighter. Obviously everything else about the R18 is far superior, but weirdly enough the two most basic stats aren't.

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