Graphical front-end for PSF player
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Author:  Bregalad [ Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:23 am ]
Post subject:  Graphical front-end for PSF player

Hey guys,
Since years I've had a dream and by using my programming competences to good use I guess I could relatively easily see it come true. I'd love to have a Super Jukebox clone but that can play not only SPCs but also PSFs (and PSF2s, as well as MINIPSF and MINIPSF2 obviously). With the same graphical interface and all.

I guess I could simply re-use code from an existing open-source PSF / PSF2 player, and add a GUI on the top of it showing the internal status of the DSP. If the GUI can have the features to disable channels and to tweak pitch and tempo, like Super Jukebox does, that's amazing but it's not absolutely necessary.

Which PSF / PSF2 player have open source code that could be reused for such a project ? I know very little about how the PlayStation works internally.

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