240p NTSC
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Author:  jay_are5 [ Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  240p NTSC

Every year since 2006, the same questions come back to me:
Why isn't there a simple converter that can take, for example, VGA (and/or HDMI) from a PC (or videogame system) and output a simple, beautiful, retro videogame-like video signal of NTSC at 240p through a composite / s-video / whatever cable?
Complete with a switch that lets go from Non-interlaced to Interlaced mode just in case the game needs it? (Like PS1 games)

Truth is, I found my device in 2007, that's an Extron Super Emotia. But this is a big, very expensive / difficult to find machine that wasn't even meant for videogames. To this day, that's the only thing that does it.

Now that we have HD TVs, I guess there will be even less need for something like this, but I still would have wanted it.

Do any of you play your emulators in 240p? What do you do to achieve this?
Would you buy a device like the one in the picture that does what I explained?

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