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PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:22 am 
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such as FF1 above having load times before every battle and if the game spawn multiple disks, even requires the player to swap the disk often, would be an annoying experience.

I agree this would have been awful to have load times and/or swaping disks before every battle. If somehow the load times would be only when entering and leaving a town or dungeon and when saving however I think that would be very acceptable. But doing it that way would be more limiting that with cartridge I guess, especially in terms of graphics.

For good ones frequency to disk access and disk swapping is minimum, but for the bad ones... you really need to have tried it to believe it, and it's even harder to imagine what will happen if the games spawn multiple disks.

Simon's Quest comes to mind immediately here. Each loading time is doubled from 6.5 seconds to 13 seconds because it loads compressed graphics first and then load program data. When exiting the town to the right, you can get hit almost immediately, kicked out of the screen and then it loads the town again, basically you're wasting 26 seconds doing nothing just because the game is stupid / poorly programmed.
I think it's not done to "hide load time". I suppose that "corridor" thing share data with the boss room, so that when you die in a boss fight you respawn in that corridor and you may still have some chance to farm say weapon energy before challenging the boss again, without the need to access the disk. If they didn't add that corridor thing, you either fight the boss immediately after your death if you don't want extra load time; or requires a disk access if you're to be thrown outside the boss room.

Oh ok that make sense, but an empty corridor like later Mega Man games would work just as well (except you couldn't "farm" things). I was under the impression that the data would really load as you walk through the corridor, probably because I'm influenced by how Castlevania : SOTN works.

The same could be said of the DPCM channel.

There's many problems with DPCM, it eats lots of ROM, it sounds poor, break controller reads and break raster effects. The FDS channel has none of those problems, but it's true composing music for one more channel eats more ROM and RAM as well.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:56 am 

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Zelda 2 have loading screens when entering towns and certain other areas, and it works fine. Dracula II loads all over the place which works less fine.
The FDS has pretty short load times overall, just compare them with early PS1 games for example.

Gilbert wrote:
Pokun wrote:
It was probably all the other factors combined with it that eventually killed it.

Yes. I never said that piracy was the sole factor in its failure

I think it was pretty clear in your post that you blamed piracy for being the main reason the FDS died in Japan, which I doubted.

I've seen Hong Kong version of both the Famicom and the FDS, but it might be one of those imported and PAL-converted machines with unofficial packaging saying Hong Kong version. I used to have one of those with a custom power board saying Makko Toys (but no box).

Yes, there were official PAL Famicom and FDS units released here, but that was near the end of the console's life. As I mentioned, Nintendo originally released the NES here, but seeing how easy, fast and cheap it was to import stuff here, most gamers already got the original Famicom and FDS. The questionable game library of the official NES (and unable to use the FDS without modifications) made it a failure. It was years later(nearly mid-90's I think), that they actually released the PAL Famicom officially, but few people cared (that being a PAL console just made it worse, as we love NTSC ones more, and most TV sets at that time started to support both NTSC and PAL anyway). I didn't know why they still cared to release the FDS though. I think by that time they didn't care whether we pirated the games anymore. They probably knew the FDS was popular here and attempted to squeeze some final profits from selling them(possibly, just to get rid of the remaining unsold units in stock).

I see, I always thought it was the other way around, that the Hong Kong Famicom was released first to compete with the imports of official Famicoms until they where ready to release the NES Asian Version there.
I've seen many asian version of the pulse line series that people think are official Honk Kong or Taiwan releases. They look the same as the Japanese versions but the label is written in English or Chinese.

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