What was the first NES homebrew game?

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Re: What was the first NES homebrew game?

Post by Pokun » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:29 pm

I have variables used for my sound routine on it's own dedicated page because they are too many to fit in ZP. Other variables are on ZP though, and I have yet to run out of ZP. First part of ZP is dedicated to general purpose variables and pointers. I don't think a lot of stack is used either so I reserve more than half of page 1 for VRAM buffering. This leaves 4 pages for arrays and anything else. I planned to use page 7 as a high score table and I skip clearing it if a RESET is detected.

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Re: What was the first NES homebrew game?

Post by Drew Sebastino » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:18 pm


I'm not particularly fond of the background, but those explosions look great for an NES!
DRW wrote:did anybody ever actually run out of RAM space on the NES? You have 2048 bytes
On the SNES, my sprite table alone takes 6KB. :lol:

About the C64 vs the NES, if the C64 didn't have double-wide pixels, I'd say it's the indisputable winner graphically. Add one more sound channel, and it's the same deal with audio. I think it's fair to say the C64 is weaker than the NES, but it gives it a run for its money, because frankly, I think it's just designed better. Same story with the SNES vs Genesis; with how much shit they piled on the SNES, having twice the ram and two video processors, there shouldn't even be a debate as to which one is better.

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