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Baseball Stars corrupted saves

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:04 pm
by Jedi QuestMaster
So I used to play Baseball Stars all the time when I was little. But it was hard to get started on a new team (I didn't know about the WHAT IS A WREN? secret).

Anyway, I'd save my game, hold reset, and power off the system. But I guess I didn't do that right one time (or a number of times)? As I was playing, I noticed on my custom team I had an extra player on the RELIEF PITCHER screen. :shock:

This pitcher did not appear on the roster under VIEW TEAM, but was present on the RELIEF PITCHER screen from then on after saving.

Has anyone had any weird situations like this one with Baseball Stars or any other saving game? And is there a way I could replicate this in emulation?