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PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:30 am 
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@Garth What frustrates me is that what we're doing seemingly has no basis in reality. Like, what the hell actually is a "String" in data? We're taught all these different "data types", but one of the first things we even learned in the class is that all data is that all data is represented by "1's and 0's." I know it's for how the compiler wants to treat the data, but I think most people are a bit confused by it. Just give me the option for "byte," "word," "dword," and "qword." :lol: We have functions like "Math.random()", but how it actually gets this "random" number is anyone's guess. Most everyone in the class probably believes that it's actually generating a completely random number, which is, way more than likely, impossible.

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A type like "String" is a convention that different parts of a program agree to use for a particular block of ones and zeroes. Features in language implementations for enforcing conventions like these, such as "strong typing" and "static typing",* help prove that a program does not contain certain classes of errors related to inadvertent violation of these conventions.

Nowadays, random numbers can be generated by sampling actually random data, such as room noise picked up by a modern desktop, laptop, tablet, or pocket computer's microphone, and mixing it around.

* Which are not the same.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 3:52 am 
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tokumaru wrote:
they're probably capable of doing much more advanced stuff

I agree with that. But sometimes they have a difficulties on doing pretty simplier things, like write texts, do some slideshow, spreadsheets, etc. Abilities that probably will be needed on their future jobs.

I think the use of computers should be integrated with the teaching of other subjects, like teach math using a spreadsheet or how to do a good redaction on a word processor.

Other than that, I think that not just C, but any programming language probably will help kids to learn a bit of algorithms, wich in the future can help them to think of better solutions for problems, even the ones that are not directly related to programming/EE.

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