Looking for People to Vote for Best NES Game of 2018(ish)

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Looking for People to Vote for Best NES Game of 2018(ish)

Post by thocolate » Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:19 am

My name is Lex and I write a homebrew magazine for 6502 ASM and NES games called Dev Cart. I'm looking for ~100 people to vote for the best NES game of 2018. It looks like I've exhausted recruitment options via Twitter, so I was hoping at least a few people here might be interested in voting.

The award is an 'audience award', informally determined by what the community's favorite NES game is. The current list of voters has developers, pixel artists, audio people, and enthusiasts, etc. The rules are loose this year, where mostly any NES homebrew game can be nominated. To vote, people can just PM, tweet, or email me, etc.

However, I would prefer more recent games be voted for because it would make little sense for an old game to win a 2018 award. Also, it's best if people don't vote for their own games. Games to be primarily distributed in 2019 (Micro Mages) will be on next year's list. The following are the current nominations, but you can feel free to vote for and nominate other games:

8-bit XMAS
Action 53-3
Almost Hero
Battle Kid Dangerous trap
Black Box Challenge
Brilliant Pebbles
Cheryl the Writer
City Trouble
Cowlitz Gamers 2nd Adv.
Eskimo Bob
Gruniożerca 2
Haunted: Halloween '86
Justice Duel
Little Medusa
Log Jammers
Lucky Penguin
Mystic Origins
Mystic Searches
Neo Heiankyo Alien
Nim & Nom
Ninja I & II
Nova the Squirrel
Spook o tron
Super Tilt Bro
Tailgate Party
The Mad Wizard
Twin Dragons
Vigilante Ninja 2
What Remains

I will start taking votes on Jan 2. You can be added to the voter's list by simply replying to this thread or PM me and I will follow up on voting day. You do not need to play all games nor any games you're not interested in. The award is a square poster that will be sent to the winner and a page in the Summer(?) 2019 Issue of Dev Cart.

Thanks in advance!

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