Antstream is trying to stream retro games... but why?

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Antstream is trying to stream retro games... but why?

Post by TSK » Tue Apr 09, 2019 7:30 pm

There's a group called Antstream which has evidently been around for some time, though just opened a kickstarter campaign this week. They seem to be set on being a cloud gaming (Gaikai / Google Stadia) workalike, but for retro games that they are obtaining the licenses for.

The amount of computing power it takes to run these is trivial -- they are targeting 8 and 16-bit systems, and there's no architectural performance hit like in trying to do software emulation of a PS3 on x86-64 hardware. They could just as easily ship their own pre-configured emulator like any retro games compilation or the NES / SNES Classic Mini. Given that the emulator and rom should fit in a few megabytes, wouldn't any attempt to stream what could be emulated on a device just be wasteful?

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Re: Antstream is trying to stream retro games... but why?

Post by tepples » Tue Apr 09, 2019 7:38 pm

1. Streaming 320x224 pixels takes a lot less bandwidth than streaming 1080p.
2. It might appease video game publishers who fear copyright infringement of their valuable copyrighted games. Cf. "licensed and carefully curated".
3. It appeases Apple, which forbids downloading programs to an iOS device or Apple TV except as part of an Apple-approved update to a self-contained app, and possibly other set-top box makers with the same policy.

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