I also create comic book characters

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I also create comic book characters

Post by Erockbrox » Wed May 13, 2020 2:31 pm

You may know me from my NES Force Bot game that I am working on, but I also work on tons of other stuff too.

Since the early 2000's I've been creating comic book characters and would like to make an actual comic book one day. I finally decided to show off one of the comics.

Here is my Twitter: https://twitter.com/EricSch70919379

Here is my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ericschafer

And here is a Q and A discussing the character and story. It's going to be a bad ass comic and story. Trust me.

Q: Why is his name Adamas?

A: Adamas is an ancient Greek word for Diamond.

Q: What is Adamas?

A: He is a god that lives in our solar system.

Q: Where does he live?

A: He lives deep inside of the planet Neptune.

Q: What does he do?

A: He protects the solar system from threats like space monsters, aliens and other gods.

Q: There are other gods like Adamas?

A: Yes, the Universe has many of them and they live inside planets and stars.

Q: What are his powers?

A: He has super strength, doesn't need to breathe air, extremely strong physical structure, the ability to fly, can generate electrical energy attacks and possibly more.

Q: Can a knife cut him?

A: No. Since he is made of diamond, no blade can harm him unless it is a diamond blade. Only a diamond can cut a diamond.

Q: Does he have a weakness?

A: Yes, extreme heat and fire.

Q: Can he be crushed or broken?

A: Yes, under extreme circumstances he can be broken, but he can heal himself by going back to his home planet.

Q: How does he heal himself?

A: On his home planet there are diamonds deep within the atmosphere which can rejuvenate his injuries.

Q: Does he fight crime, would he stop a bank robber?

A: These circumstances are of little importance to him. He only battles serious enemies which cannot be handled by humans.

Q: Does he speak?

A: Yes, but he is a man of little words.

Q: How old is Adamas?

A: He is billions of years old.

Q: Why does he look human?

A: It may be that he came to this solar system billions of years ago and implanted life on planet Earth, which is why humans look like him.

Q: What other franchise would you compare this to?

A: It's like a mash-up between Superman and Godzilla.
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