MegaMan 3 and the worst glitch ever ?

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MegaMan 3 and the worst glitch ever ?

Post by Bregalad » Fri Aug 19, 2005 1:32 pm

Well, I've been horrible glitches while playing MegaMan 3 on my NES (the real game, not trough emulation).
Not only the infamous scanline above ShadowMan does glitch, but, while fighting the first form of Dr.Willy, the screen mess up totally and glitch. You show the ground flickering A LOT where Willy's machine is, and, if you open the menu, the menu will be flickering where the Willy's machine is. There should be a problem with IRQs.
Honnestly, this is really crap for a licenced official game. Has this happened to anyone before (I think it's something with the PAL version of the game). Has anyone any idea why it's there ?
I've always trough MM3 was a great game, but now, I think it's by far the works MegaMan game on the NES. It has too many glitches, and this one does screw the whole thing up.
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