Gameboy versus NES in terms of power

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RT-55J wrote:
tokumaru wrote:Since this topic is about the GB after all, does anyone know of anything remotely similar for it? What are the best examples of impressive GB games?
Hmm. I wonder if the ZX port of Wolf3D would run any better on the original GB.

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Post by mic_ » Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:44 am

It depends on whether the exact model mentioned in the video description (the Pentagon 512K) had a turbo mode (7 MHz) or not, and whether it was used when recording that video. Those east european Spectrum clones also had enhancements in the video department IIRC, though I'm not familiar with the details.

Sounds like it'd largely be a rewrite in any case, considering the differences in the audio/video subsystems as well in the CPUs, and the vast differences in available RAM.

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Re: Gameboy versus NES in terms of power

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