Looking for a tutorial to make music for SMAS:SMB3

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Looking for a tutorial to make music for SMAS:SMB3

Post by 8bitMicroGuy » Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:19 pm

I used to do music hacks on SMB1. It was simple. Just had to find the addresses from a documentation, make a table-file with which byte is which note, open up the hex editor, write the bytes, edit headers when there's a need to modify offsets of harmony, bass and percussion line from the melody line, save and play to see if it works.

Now, I would like to know how this can be done with Super Mario All-Stars. If there's a SNES tracker with SMAS instruments, I'd like to download them and try them out. If they're not there, I'd like to mod the ROM then. I don't seem to find any documentation on SNES music so I'm lost.

I, however, know that there are SMAS and SMW ROM hacks that include homemade game. Someone once made that Megaman song with lyrics "Gonna get you, Dr. Wily." so I'm sure it's possible. I just hope I don't need to search for the correct assembler for edited disassembled code because that might pretty much give me a wrong version or broken links or having to register on sites in order to see links or download (You know who you are, grrr!).

So does anyone know for any tutorial or documentation on hex editing or a ZIP file with ASM files or a SNES tracker with SMAS instruments?

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