Opinon needed: Data structure for my sound engine

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Re: Opinon needed: Data structure for my sound engine

Post by tepples » Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:08 am

rainwarrior wrote:One of the things that you can't do well with envelopes is sliding pitches between notes; I can't think of an commercial NES games that do this, but Famitracker's pitch slide effects (e.g. Qxx/Rxx/3xx) are very expressive, and well liked by Famitracker composers.
"Sappy" from Tetrisphere is the first one that comes to mind immediately. The second is "Radio Star" from Super Mario Bros. 3. There are note slides in the first 10 seconds of each, though those of SMB3 might be enveloped because there's only one distance. But that's without getting into the style that can only be described as "Follin".

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Re: Opinon needed: Data structure for my sound engine

Post by rainwarrior » Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:03 am

I was specifically talking about targeted pitch slides, i.e. starting at one note, and then sliding toward another and stopping on it. That's difficult to pull off with just a pitch envelope, but very easy to do with Famtracker's Qxx/Rxx/3xx. Pitch slides using envelopes generally either start or end at an indefinite place, i.e. easy to bend-into a note or fall off, but not slide from note to note.

Silver Surfer does sound like it has this capability. Good example. (I think Pictionary and Wolverine have the same capability, though maybe not Solstice.)

I don't think Mario 3's engine does. That could easily just be an envelope.

My own soundtrack has plenty of pitch slides but they're all just envelope slides.

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