Musetracker vs FamiTracker

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Musetracker vs FamiTracker

Post by thefox » Thu Dec 03, 2015 7:38 am

(Looks like DRW removed the post that I was replying to, but since I already typed a reply, here it is. The question was about features/usability in FamiTracker vs Musetracker.)

Looking at adoption, there's no question that FamiTracker wins on both counts.

As for functionality specifically, there are some features in Musetracker that don't exist in FamiTracker and vice versa. For example, in Musetracker you can combine arpeggio + pitch slides, in FamiTracker you can't (AFAIK). FamiTracker has support for expansion audio, Musetracker doesn't. Et cetera.
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