Pently: a flexible, space-efficient NES music player
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Author:  tepples [ Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pently: a flexible, space-efficient NES music player

Before working on the arpeggio enhancements, I wanted to get some changes out into a tagged release for those who don't follow me on GitHub.

0.05wip6 (2017-06)

  • Patterns can change channel volume in 25% steps
  • Rest in attack track no longer corrupts pulse 1 arpeggio
  • Change engine's code and data segment; disable pulse channel effect pooling and volume comparison; change initial $4011 value
  • Optionally enable sound effects in NSF
  • Improved diagnostics emitted by play command. Shows song name; emits one for playing pattern too low.
  • Command line option to change output segment
  • Clamp vibrato depth to in-range values
  • Ignore loops in volume envelopes, presumably pasted from FamiTracker
  • NSF header gets load address from linker configuration
  • Document use of equal temperament
  • Add "Sticks" sample song

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Author:  tepples [ Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pently: a flexible, space-efficient NES music player

Pently 0.05wip7 has three key improvements: portamento, slow arpeggio, and richer ways to express arpeggio.

  • Change to zlib license, which preserves the spirit of the original license but is recognizable by GitHub
  • Add portamento, the single most requested feature
  • paldetect: Interleave with vwait so as not to depend on NMI handler
  • Add 8 predefined chord names (M, maj7, dom7, aug, m, m7, dim, dim7)
  • Score can define new chord names
  • Add single-note arpeggio syntax similar to LilyPond chord mode (thanks to retrodpc for testing)
  • Option to name chord by its top note instead of bottom
  • First and second inversions of chords
  • Arpeggio can be set to slow or fast (requested by w7n)
  • Add "Arpeggio Waltz" song demonstrating new features
  • Document that object names follow identifier rules
  • makefile: Launch Python tools with py.exe on Windows

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