Willing to provide music for those who want it
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Author:  Sogona [ Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Willing to provide music for those who want it

Since I've so far been unsuccessful at making a game of my own, I thought I'd try and help others with at least one aspect. I enjoy making music, so I'd like to help out the NESDev community by working on music for other peoples' projects.

Have a level, stage, or something else in mind? I'll provide a song for it. If you really want, I'll even provide a whole score. All I ask is that you have at least an idea in mind--a description of the level or scene, adjectives work best; a drawing, mockup, or a screenshot. A playable demo would be awesome. The more information, the better, but I'd like at least something.

Ask me, and I'll do it as best as I can. Once I complete the song, I'll post it here for you or others to give input on or critique until the original client is happy with the final product, or for you all to tell me that it sucks. I trust people here enough to feel like they won't try and steal what I make and claim it as their own. I'll be using NSFs, since I have no idea what sound engine people will have set up. You can also add different restrictions, like "Don't have vibratos, DMC samples, or XYZ effect. Use the VRC6 or MMC5 extension, etc." If you want samples, for now I'm going to say that I'd like you to give it to me yourself. Other than that though, I think that's all I have to say right now. I'm more than happy to do this, so any request is appreciated.

Author:  dougeff [ Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Willing to provide music for those who want it

Come on, don't give up yet, there's still 7 months left.

Also, do you have any examples of your music? If not, can you write a sample song, to show people what you're offering?

Author:  aitsu124 [ Mon Jun 13, 2016 6:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Willing to provide music for those who want it

Do you do sound effects? If so, I have a project for you: I'm trying to make the NES ports Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. more like their arcade versions (using DK Original Edition and Mario Bros. Classic Series, since those are the closest already). I can edit palettes and graphics, but not music and sound effects (the latter being more important in this situation). For both, I don't need to compose new ones, just change the pitch and tone and things like that. Would you be able to do that?

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