Chiptune synth for DAWs or standalone
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Author:  FaTony [ Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Chiptune synth for DAWs or standalone

I'm developing a chiptune synths for use in my music. I've decided to start with emulating NES concept-wise. So I've called my project "fTz NES Synth". Over the course of my research I've found that there are a lot of things beyond NES so I decided not to confine myself to NES emulation. So I renamed it to "fTz Chiptune".

And today I think is a good time to release the first version of the synth. It emulates most stuff except sweep and some noise quirks.

CC 75 controls decay time on all plugins. CC 1 controls duty cycle of pulse wave.

I'm a huge free software supporter so I'm releasing a GNU/Linux binaries as this is the only operating system I have. I've built a DSSI, LV2 and VST plugins as well as standalone JACK apps. I've included my other libraries in this release for it to be mostly self-contained. You'll only need libstdc++-6 to run. I currently have only AMD64 build.

The core code is written in pure ISO C++14 (+ #pragma once) so porting it to other operating systems is trivial.


Source code:

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