Getting started with MML (mck, ppmck)

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Re: Getting started with MML (mck, ppmck)

Post by zzo38 » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:12 am

Using a different loop point for different tracks can sometimes be useful for such thing as ostinato, but I am not sure how useful it is to use a different tempo per tracks (although maybe some people do find it useful; I have seen sheet music that has multiple time signatures running simultaneously, although I am not sure what good that is). And it is true that things such as echo are easier with MML.

(Many of the advantages of using MML are why I wrote AmigaMML, since some game engines for modern computers, and some other programs, expect .MOD/.XM formats for music. AmigaMML does support different local loops per channels (all such loops are automatically unrolled), but does not support differing global loops per channel due to limitations in .MOD/.XM formats.)

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Re: Getting started with MML (mck, ppmck)

Post by Pokun » Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:05 pm

Although separate tempo tracks could be used for BGSes a similar thing could be achieved if the sound engine allows multiple songs to be played at the same time. One BGM and one BGS.
thefox wrote:
rainwarrior wrote:The lack of immediate feedback is a huge disadvantage compared to Famitracker. Being able to hear a sound right away, and hear it in context of the rest of the music as you're working is so important. It speeds up composing tremendously (i.e. you make better music in less time). This is the single reason I don't really use MML unless I have to.
I always wondered how well something like this could be worked into a text editor specifically customized for use with (a specific variant of) MML.
There's 3ML Editor that allows for immediate playback of the MML from a position you choose. 3ML Editor is for Mabinogi MML.

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Re: Getting started with MML (mck, ppmck)

Post by rainwarrior » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:33 pm

Bregalad wrote:Also, if you want say a channel to echo another channel (play the same melody with a delay), with MML it's trivial, but with a tracker... welcome to hell.
Neil Baldwin's NTRQ NES tracker had a feature to do just that (called "auto echo").

In Famitracker, it involves a copy and paste for every pattern the effect spans. I wouldn't call it "hell", but sure, it's not automated in any way. I've done it hundreds of times in various trackers though (and so have a lot of people I know), doesn't generally take a significant amount of time if you know the relevant keyboard commands.

If the concern is data size, it's a feature that could be added to any music engine. Doesn't really have to do with whether it's from a tracker or not.

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Re: Getting started with MML (mck, ppmck)

Post by tepples » Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:39 pm

tepples wrote:
Pokun wrote:One problem with MML is that there is no Famitone for it.\ NSDL seems good but with that you are restricted to CC65/CA65.
Pently also requires ca65 at the moment.
Not anymore. As of today, Pently supports ASM6, though it still requires Python to compile the score into assembly language.

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Re: Getting started with MML (mck, ppmck)

Post by the_zi » Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:24 am

I started with ppmck (was using mac terminal) 10 years ago and it was... difficult. you really get into the numerical guts with instrument creation and looping, but there's no edge here. it helped when coding early homebrews using metal slime's engine as it wasn't as daunting to just code in loops and such, but the kids these days are famitracker heavy and musicians probably don't even see a .db. It was an intellectual endeavor to approach how you write the notes compared to fami and metal slime's engine, and as a musician you should be comfortable working in various environments, so it can't hurt. unless you should be spending your time reading that book for your book club that meets Thursday. no, that's not a lot of time at all!
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