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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:28 pm 
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FrankenGraphics wrote:
mirroring = reuse of patterns?

Mirroring as any ability to edit something in one place and have those changes appear in multiple places. For Famitracker the only built-in mirroring is for patterns through the order, yes.

There are a lot more things that could be done, though, that could be very useful. Mirror partial patterns. Mirror across channels. Mirror and transpose. Mirror and instrument change. Mirror and volume change. Etc.

tepples wrote:
How critical is it that the music sound exactly the same through the game-oriented driver as it does inside the tracker?

How much is a pretty situational question. I frequently compose at a piano before I move the material to NES. It's a question of what things do you need to iterate on, and how often. The more things that you can't get immediate feedback on, the more time you spend in that iteration loop.

Though, nothing being discussed is "critical", IMO. PPMCK/MML works. So does Famitracker. One of them works a lot better for my needs, but I can manage with the other.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:03 pm 

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gauauu wrote:
tepples wrote:
I've headed down that path with my roadmap for adding a richer playback GUI to Pently's NES export. I've already got visualization and a rehearsal mark list over the past couple days, and next on my list are seeking to a rehearsal mark, pause and step as suggested by rainwarrior, and track muting. But what's the practical difference between an "export/compile" step (activated using the Run button in your text editor, or by a script watching file modification times) and the play button in a tracker?

In theory it's possible to make the export/compile work, and it sounds like you might be on the right track, but the differences would be:

- instant conversion and playback. It should start playing immediately. If the conversion, launching, and starting of the player takes less than a quarter second, that would work

It'd mostly depend on how fast your computer can start the emulator. If it needs to start a framework that takes a while to start, such as .NET/Mono used by Mesen or Wine used by FCEUX (debugging version), it might not be that quick. But on a decade-old Core 2 Duo L7500, changing the score and rebuilding the Pently ROM (but not starting an emulator) takes 0m0.332s of real time. The time is dominated by 0m0.271s for the Python program that translates the score into assembly language for ca65; I haven't tried PyPy to see if that speeds it up.

gauauu wrote:
- interactivity. It sounds like you have some of this underway. I want to be able to press pause on the player, change one line/note/whatever in the score, back the player up one measure, and replay from there. Or play a single line over and over again while tweaking the source until I'm happy with it. Or if I have a channel set to solo or mute, I want it to stay that way after I make a change and press play again. Those aren't insurmountable, but are all important for an interactive feel.

The way it works now is that you place a resume command in the song where you want it to start when the ROM starts, and place a mute or solo command anywhere in the score listing the tracks you want to not play (or only play). Then you can slow down or pause-and-step playback or change muting during playback, though I can't think of a good way for the ROM to propagate this back to the editor.

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