Channel Cut Out Glitch in Sculptured's Robin Hood game

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Channel Cut Out Glitch in Sculptured's Robin Hood game

Post by MrNorbert1994 » Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:38 am

Track 13 (sewers / dungeons) seems to cut out and do all kinds of weird stuff with the pulse and triangle channels.
I checked ingame as well, and it seems to be apparent there as well (so it's not because bad rip).
I tried to fussle with the sequence data (changing values), but it didn't seemed to do anything good to it.
Then I listened how things are in the PAL version, and it sounds like if they fixed this issue there.

Then I realized that the sequence data seems to be completely reprogrammed between versions. :/
So alas... anybody would be kind enough to help me with this issue?
Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves (PAL) (1992 - Mindscape International Inc.) (SFX).nsf
(12.56 KiB) Downloaded 457 times
Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves (NTSC) (1991 - Virgin Interactive) (SFX) (NES - Dendy).nsf
(12.78 KiB) Downloaded 465 times

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