Full track in *.nes rom

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Re: Full track in *.nes rom

Post by Memblers » Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:26 pm

NewRisingSun wrote:
If summed together as 14 bits that's pretty good
How does that work? Would not one 7-bit source have to be 128 times as loud as the other to yield an actual 14-bit resolution?
Oops, yeah my brain wasn't working. I'd been looking into combining multiple PWM outputs (with different value resistors), so my mind went straight to that. Plus I'm pretty sure nobody ever ran that demo on a real cart (probably). That demo was like early 2000s if I remember, it's been around for a long time.

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Re: Full track in *.nes rom

Post by Online » Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:21 am

Memblers wrote:Which emulator runs those mapper 17 ROMs? I tried Mesen (maybe outdated) and FCEUX, doesn't work there.

I remember that TMNT demo. It's using MMC5 PCM out + NES RAW PCM out at the same time. If summed together as 14 bits that's pretty good, and probably at a resolution below the noise floor already (I'm not sure what depth/rate it actually uses though).

I think I've made the type of board you want, Online. It's useless as an .NES ROM, but as a cartridge it plays CD quality WAV files and MP3 files from a microSD card. I didn't mention it last time I replied because I'd agreed to a short period of secrecy, which has ended.
I have a tool chain set up now where I can mass-import all the MP3s I want, and creates a list that can be displayed on the NES. Though the list can probably contain "only" 3~4 thousand files, and audio data "only" 32GB. :)

I've definitely been thinking about making a Famicom version of it, haven't started on that though. But it exists for NES now.
yes, I would be interested to try to listen to music on Famicom (via an adapter 72pin to 60 pin),I sent you p.m. :)

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