Music Playback Very Slow

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Re: Music Playback Very Slow

Post by tokumaru » Wed Feb 24, 2021 10:46 am

I haven't tested anything yet, but just looking at the files generated by text2data it does indeed look like it's shuffling the effects between channels 0 and 4, and whenever they go on channel 4 they don't work, because I have FT_DPCM_ENABLE = 0.

I can only assume that the OP's problem is the same, and his effects are being moved over to channel 4 under certain conditions, causing them to be ignored. Does anyone know what logic Famitone2's converter uses to shuffle effects between channels? I mean, if it's randomly putting effects in channel 4 even when you have them elsewhere this means that it's not safe to use FT_DPCM_ENABLE = 0 at all, right?

EDIT: Indeed, setting FT_DPCM_ENABLE = 1 fixes the problem. So I guess we shouldn't use FT_DPCM_ENABLE = 0 ever, since effects from other channels can be moved to channel 4 by text2data. I just tried putting all my effects in channel 0 in Famitracker, and after the conversion they ended up in channel 4.

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