Famicompo mini: NSFE archive (over 1,300 songs!)

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Famicompo mini: NSFE archive (over 1,300 songs!)

Post by Goniochromism » Fri Oct 30, 2020 6:25 am

It appears that I last posted on these forums a decade ago. Well, hello everyone.
I have converted the Famicompo mini contest series songs from NSF to NSFE format, with timers and comprehensive external tags. Volume 8~10 "Exhibition" categories are not included, but everything else is here; Famicompo "Chapter One", Famicompo mini Volumes 1~10 and Classical. I was surprised to discover that nobody (afaik) had tackled this before now. I stress that this archive is in no way official, and hope I am not treading on any toes.

  • Songs that would otherwise loop indefinitely are timed to 2x loops+10sec fades in most cases. Some have 1x loop, fewer have 4x loops, and one in particular (vol7\Original\66_AdLibInferno.nsfe) has been arbitrarily timed to 10 minutes.
  • Some file names and directory structures have been reorganised for consistency where appropriate, and extraneous (non-NSFE) files have been purged. This only affects Chapter One to any significant extent.
  • Other than adding timers, the internal NSFE tags are unmodified; all retagging has been performed in External .tag files, compatible with foobar2000 using the foo_external_tags component. These include updated Artist, AlbumArtist, Title, Album, Date, Disc# & Track# tags for better media library integration. I attempted to write the Artist/Album/Title info back to the NSFEs, but it raised too many issues to be worth the investment of time, at least for my own purposes.
  • Album cover images are also included in each directory as well as embedded in the .tag files. I made these as respectfully as I could using the assets available on the Famicompo homepage.
  • Songs that utilise the NAMCO 163 expansion chip have been patched using foo_gep due to an issue with N163 waveform lengths. However, a minority of these songs still do not play as intended using foo_gep or some other players, so either patching failed or it had no effect in those cases, I am not sure which. It is beyond my skill-set to diagnose; I would appreciate anyone investigating this! I have provided a list of known problem songs below, though there could be more.
Buggy NAMCO 163 waveforms:

Other issues:
vol9\Original\14_Meteor3.nsfe - The second subsong gets stuck. I have contacted the author and may be getting a replacement in future.
vol10\Cover\009_turupeta.nsfe - This specifically doesn't play correctly in foo_gep; it works in e.g. NSFplay. It has been timed for its intended length.

Download Famicompo NSFE.rar (11.2 MB)

If you notice any tags or timers that are obviously wrong, or any other problems, please let me know - and/or fix them yourself. :+) Enjoy.

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