Want to share my chip archive

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Want to share my chip archive

Post by Juanreina » Sun Feb 28, 2021 11:32 am

hi. my name is Juan Reina, I love chiptune, and i'm a hardcore chip archivist.
I have an extremely ambitious project of mine, to archive all kinds of chiptune, including demos, as well as alot of chiptools and chip related software.
the project was heavily enspired by the nes dev comunity, like mrnorbert1994, ripper and archiver of game nsfs who's archive I always mirror. NewRisingSun, carmic, and nurec. For there awesome rips. ui made an archive of homebrue nsf files. I intend to pick up where @ui left off, with a heavy enforcement on preserving as much as I can, but also keeping a compact archive to fit anyware.
I made a new archive in this folder, called tuca, the underrated chiptune archive.
I collect music from all kinds of artists, if there is mml files, I use compiler, otherwise I use famitracker for ftm files.
emulators are for playing files that can't be played by standard players, like Fragmare's hes files.
adissional creds go to hvsc, asma, modland, FT forrums, the awesome people at mck2ch, chipmusic.org, the hcs boards the msx.org comunity, the spectrum comunity, and everyone that I forgot to mention here!
This folder is for resilio sync and bt sync. Get em at
the key is in my signature, have fun. if you want to contribute, correct things, or just to talk, my email is thechiparchiver@gmail.com
if you want read and write, just email me!
A blind boy and hardcore chiptune and chip software archivist. Sync folder. BDWPPUHPJKVQGO3OVD62ZYZ6IDL4DOHSR

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