Skate or Die 2 Title Song (stereo mix)

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Skate or Die 2 Title Song (stereo mix)

Post by Z.E.N » Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:39 pm

I wanted to convert the amazing title theme from 'Skate or Die 2' into a stereo MP3 track, but can only do so by converting a pre-existing NSF. Unfortunately, this song still isn't accurate as NSF so I took what correct-sounding instruments I could and recorded the sample channel separately.
Then I went through the painstaking task of piecing the two tracks together using super-ultra close-up zooming and layering wave pattern over wave pattern until everything was in good sync. I think I got it sounding well enough. ... _Title.mp3
Composed by Rob Hubbard.

I took great care to make sure the voice stays in mono, but when the sampled guitar kicks in it goes full stereo. Goes back to mono with the voice at the end too. This wasn't easy because both are on the same track, but the voice didn't sound right in stereo.

Thanks to Roth at PlayTheNES for the host.

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