Old Famicon dev or backup cart?
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Author:  Fredrik [ Thu Jan 26, 2006 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  Old Famicon dev or backup cart?


Almost a year ago i bought some loot of pirate Famicom games just for "fun".
Later i found out that of the carts had a handwritten label with the text "Super Arabian"(by Sunsoft) written on it.

The orgininal label had the text Raio On Buncelinc Bay by Hudson Soft.

The cart itself had to EPROMs one with a "UV-window" and one without.
CHR: NEC G(?)27128C
PRG: M5L2764K

Guessing it is a UNROM or NROM?

It seems to have jumpers for horisontal and vertical mirroring. And also on with the text 256 close to it.

Any idea what it was used for?
Should i post pictures?

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