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 Post subject: INL SXROM .sav dumping
PostPosted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:39 pm 

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I thought I should start a new thread for new users that want to run Pulsar or PR8 on INL's SXROM cart. I will cover moving sav files on and off the cart for use with Nestopia.
You need the Flasher download from INL's page (but you should have this if you loaded Pulsar onto your cart). It includes \kazzo original\unagi_client_windows_062_GUI\anago folder. Read the readme anago_en.txt, there is a section for r/w wram with an example for SXROM.
In order to use your sav files with Nestopia, you will need to edit the script. Don't panic! it's very easy.
Open in a text editor, I use Notepad++. go down to-

function cpu_ram_access(d, pagesize, banksize)
local sxrom_page = [0, 2 << 2, 1 << 2, 3 << 2];

This function is accessing the 4 banks of the 32K WRAM. looking at the order 0,2<<2,1<<2,3<<2 it is building the bin image with banks 0,2,1,3. I don't know why they used this format but Nestopia doesn't like it!
Change the line to:
local sxrom_page = [0, 1 << 2, 2 << 2, 3 << 2];
Now 'save as', I used the name ""

To read and write the 32K WRAM on the SXROM board you need to use the command line interface.
From the Command prompt>_ you need to CD into the Anago directory. For my HD:

cd c:\kazzo\kazzo original\unagi_client_windows_062_GUI\anago\

Then the command is:

anago.exe r4 myDumpFile.sav

This will create a 32K "myDumpFile.sav" that will run in Nestopia; feel free to use whatever name you like ;) The "r4" tells the program to do 4 banks, for an SNROM cart you would just use "r". "" is the name of my script, use the name you 'save as'ed. The file should be in the anago folder you cd-ed into.

With Nestopia, the first time you open and close a .nes rom such as Pulsar, it will create a Pulsar.sav in it's "save" folder. To use the dumped sav, myDumpFile.sav, you need to copy it into Nestopia's save folder and change the file name to "Pulsar.sav". Now open Nestopia and load the Pulsar.nes rom, bingo! Your song is there!!

Moving a sav onto your cart is just the reverse with the "w4":
>anago.exe w4 myNewFile.sav

I just manage the sav files in the Anago folder for now, but you could point the command IO to a different folder.

File comment: Anago 062 Nestopia friendly WRAM dump script. REMOVE the txt extention [3.04 KiB]
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