Kazoo, Unagi, and UNROM
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Author:  mvs0715 [ Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Kazoo, Unagi, and UNROM

These steps are not working as expected when using a NES cart with mapper UNROM 512 (verified at NesDev Wiki):

1. Insert NES cart onto 'Kazoo cartridge "INL Retro" Dumper-Programmer'.
2. Connect Kazoo by USB to a computer.
3. Run unagi_client_windows_062_GUI (anago wx.exe).
4. On the Dump tab, select a dump file location.
5. On the Dump tab, select either or from the Scripts dropdown list.
6. On the Dump tab, click the Dump button.

Instead of dumping a .nes file, Unagi displays an error.
cpu_romsize is not connected 0x040000/0x020000

AN ERROR HAS OCCURED [script logical error]

*FUNCTION [dump()] dumpcore.nut line [47]

[ppu_dumpsize] 0
[cpu_dumpsize] 131072
[ppuarea_memory] 1
[vram] 1
[increase_ppu] 1
[increase_cpu] 1
[mappernum] 2
[script] ""
[this] TABLE

Selecting the script results in the identical error and a nearly identical set of locals. Line 47 of dumpcore.nut has a call to a function "nes_save()" whose implementation is not present in dumpcore.nut. Any advice regarding workarounds or fixes?

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