Famicom Disk System is noisy (and not working)
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Author:  MaarioS [ Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:36 am ]
Post subject:  Famicom Disk System is noisy (and not working)

Hi, I just bought a white label Famicom Disk System that was not working from the purchase and as always, it needed the belt replacement of course. After I replaced the belt, unfortunately it doesn't read any disk. All it does is try to read the disk but it loops forever and can't do anything, the screen is only saying "loading" and nothing else.... I also noticed it is very noisy while reading, there are some strange grinding sounds.... After I disassembled it again, I could see that when I turn the spindle hub, it grinds at around 1/4 of a turn on a specific position every time. I know that FDS shouldn't be that loud anyway. Anyone know what problem that could be?? Should I adjust the spindle hub screw or just leave it?? If it's not the spindle hub height problem then what can this be?? I know that the belt has been replaced successfully and works well. I could hear that some metal things are grinding against each other but.... what can that be?? Please for reply and any kind of advices or help will be strongly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!!

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