NESRGB to Output Csync RGB and S-video Simultaneous
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Author:  SpiderWaffle [ Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  NESRGB to Output Csync RGB and S-video Simultaneous

1. Would/should this setup work without issues?
2. Any particular notes on configuring it?

Word on #nesdev is Pasky has said the RGB and s-video/composite outputs are driven independently of one another; thus should be fine. But a minor concerned was raised that some actual ICs don't like running that many output buffers.

There's only one TLL (CS#) pin to use, just wire it to a hd15 VGA port like etim's diagrams show
S-video port through the luma (Y), see diagrams
No extra components/boards needed?

Now you can use a VGA to BNC cable to a PVM display
and an S-video cable to a common S-video/composite capture card, such as ... r1150.html
(which many people already have, and RGB analog cards such as ... 24G3WM1581 cost a lot)
No need to use distributors, downscalers, or even worry about PVM's RGB loop-through grounding, only requires 1 VGA to BNC cable and 1 S-video cable. You get the best quality for your gaming with least interference and entropy, and still capture/stream it at a quality well above a normal NES.

PS. 3.5mm audio to Y-split, 1. external speakers 2. Line-in capture card

Does this all check out? Any thoughts, concerns or notes to add?

Thanks so much!!

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