NES Toploader Controller Port 2 will not work
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Author:  toploaderleo [ Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  NES Toploader Controller Port 2 will not work

Hello I'm working on another Toploader, different from my previous post. This one works fine except controller port 2. The first controller works just fine but controller port 2 goes not have any input. I'm pretty sure it's not the controller port itself because I checked the port for continuity, tested fine, tested to make sure it was getting +5, so as far as I can tell the port is fine. I can try swapping it with the other one I'm working on but was trying to avoid that. I think I'll try it after I post this but not super hopeful. I also replaced DA4, DA5 & U8 with no change. Wondering where I should go next.

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