Finding an ESC for a LiFePo4 Battery
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Author:  huanian [ Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:50 am ]
Post subject:  Finding an ESC for a LiFePo4 Battery

I have a project that uses 12S LiFePo4 batteries, and I need an electronic speed controller. The main problem I have is that pretty much all the existing ones I've found are designed to work with Li-poly batteries.

I've seen this post: Will LiFePo4 work with ESC for LiPo?

But the concern I have is that will Li-poly ESC's actually work for LiFePo4's when you consider that they have different cutoff voltage's.

Li-poly has shouldn't be discharged at anything less than 3.0V, where as LiFe's should go to 2.8V and that's a major bottleneck considering that they have a nominal voltage of 3.3-3.2V.

If someone could point out to me how I can make this work, or if I'm wrong / recommend an ESC, etc. It would be greatly appreciated.

Any answer helps. :D

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