Hi Def NES Firmware Updating

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Hi Def NES Firmware Updating

Post by promethium144 » Fri Oct 26, 2018 12:01 am

Hi all

I purchased a Hi Def NES kit when they were first released and went about the job of modding my console. I am very experienced with working with electronics so there was no hesitation that I could do the job right. The mod on the hardware side of things went very well and by and large worked very well.

I have however encountered an issue I am hoping someone here can help me with solving. With the console powered on after about 3 min or so the graphics will begin to glitch, I believe this to be a known issue with the PAL RP2c07-0 PPU with the v2.25 farmwear, the obvious solution is to update the firmware, I have a genuine Everdrive N8 and have loaded the update rom and initiated the update through the Hi Def NES menu but no matter what I do the integrity check fails and the firmware does not update. I have tried 3 different cart connectors including a new one, cleaned the edge connectors, replaced the CPU and PPU replaced the CPU and PPU RAM and re-seated connectors. I have also tried multiple combinations of Everdrive OS versions and Hi Def NES updates. This project has been shelved since I got the mod because of this issue it’s something I would very much like to solve so I can enjoy the modded console.

Any assistance in this regard would be most appreciated

Thanks in advance


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