Mega Girl Another Fight Story (Mega Man 1 Hack)

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Mega Girl Another Fight Story (Mega Man 1 Hack)

Post by krzysiobal » Tue May 12, 2020 3:43 pm

I got this broken cartridge for check & dump. It reminds me in design this one. There is place to solder PRG-ROM, CHR-ROM (or CHR-RAM), two blobs, one unknown SO14 chip and a lot of jumpers.

* The pinout of top, unpopulated blob (let's call it U4) is exactly like the AX5202P, without WRAM and PRG-A18 pins). There are also extra pins wired to it: CPU-A12, CPU-A2, CPU-A1 (wonder which mapper can take use of them - JY Company?), and two input pins (mode select?)

* The pinout of bottom, populated blob chip (let's call it U5) is:

Code: Select all

 CPU D0 -> |   | -- +5V
 CPU D1 -> |   | -> PRG /CE
 CPU D2 -> |   | <- M2
 CPU D4 -> |   | <- CPU A14
PRG A14 <- |   | <- CPU R/W
PRG A15 <- |   | <- CPU /ROMSEL
PRG A16 <- |   | -- GND
PRG A17 <- |   | -> CIRAM A10
which reveals that the blob inside can mimic either UNROM or ANROM

* The unpopulated bottom SO14 chip is meant to be 74*74 - its output would change every reset to allow 2 different games

It turns out the PCB is quite versatile - it allows to be used as:
* NROM (no extra chips need to be present)
* MMC3 (U4)

Unfortunately the mapper blob is broken, but EEPROM was good. It holds the Mega Girl Another Fight Story game.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Mega Girl Another Fight Story [apply over Mega Man (U)].ips
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