usb power rf/av board replacement for nesrgb

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usb power rf/av board replacement for nesrgb

Post by bunder » Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:12 am


i recently got a nesrgb for my nes, and didn't feel like carving up the plastic to route the outputs, and got tired of having 50 wall warts behind my tv, so i figured i'd make a replacement rf/power box.

based on a project i found on hackaday and an idea that apparently isn't new or original in any sense, i whipped up a board that routes composite and component video from the nesrgb out the original rf/av holes and takes a usb host-a cable for power.

just throwing it up here to see if anyone would be interested in one, given the pandemic i might just upload the gerbers and BOM somewhere so people can make their own. /shrug

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