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powerpak keeps loading

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 9:05 am
by rodolfopouros
I just picked up a powerpak of a local ebay and i wonder if its broken?

I picked it up to help me with homebrewing.But it seems to have a loading problem.

Lets start from the beginning.
I downloaded the file from retrousb i unzipped it and it becomes powerpak 134105 .Open that file and see 2 files _macosx and powerpak.
Those files i put on my compact flash card in that order(not unzipping more)+the 8kbsave.sav

Added some homebrew games in .nes files on the card.

I put the nes on and i push left or right and i see the _macosx and powerfiles + the nes roms.Pick a game .
Then i push start and im back to the powerpak screen .when i push a or b there is no save file found(wrong input from me)push start again and i get the game genie screen and i can push start to play the game.
(but the bottum screen says play tetris?)

Anyway.. when i push start the game keeps loading forever.

Im using a 128 mb compact flash card.

Did i buy a broken powerpak or am i doing something wrong?