No matter what: Graphic messed up. Nes Repros

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No matter what: Graphic messed up. Nes Repros

Post by keithwaelchi » Sun Feb 07, 2021 6:10 pm

Hi guys.
First of all, thank you about this nice board that gives to us possibilities to understand this awesome nes programming world. I've learned pretty much everything from reading you.

My name is Manuele, i'm from Italy.
I do wanted to homemade some nes repros with hacked games for my own. The first step, after reading and understanding a bit, was just some trial and error, but theres something that stucks me and i'm so close to made my first repro one.

I'm using a donor SLROM (platoon) and i was trying to burn games supported on that board like double dragon, tmnt,ecc..
I think i did almost as this meant to be, i use 27C010 (128K) and 27C020 (256K) 32 pins eproms.
I've splitted the nes file in chr + prg, i've double it up until they fully fit the eproms, i've done all of the pin liftings and soldering properly.

But when i put the game in, everyone, has the graphics messed up. The prg seems working fine, i can hear the sound ans see sprites moving but they are all messed up.

What is wrong? I thought about resistors, i've desoldered them, made bridges, nothing.
Burning process incorrect? I use a TOP2005, one of those cheap cinese usb one, i burn the roms in binary and fill them in #00 (there's also options for #FF but i don't know what it means)

Can you guys give me some tips?
Do i maybe screw up some in the board?
Thank you

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Re: No matter what: Graphic messed up. Nes Repros

Post by lidnariq » Sun Feb 07, 2021 7:29 pm

Plain SLROM, or one of the variants? (SL1ROM, SL2ROM, SL3ROM)

What rewiring did you do for your CHR?

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