Looking for a simple way to dump carts

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Looking for a simple way to dump carts

Post by BootGod » Tue Jul 19, 2005 5:24 pm

I'm working on this database project, and I have plenty to contribute to it, but I certainly don't want to fill it with 200+ "unverified's".

So I built a crude adapter in order to read ROMs still in circuit with my programmer. Basically its some switches to control some address line changes based on what size ROM your dealing with and a shitload of wires with sockets on each end, one goes into the programmer and the other one "hugs" the ROM from above. Problem is though (and I was expecting this) that the one that does the hugging, often times you'll get a pin or 2 that doesn't quite contact, so sometimes you get messed up data. Meaning I have to compare it against a known ROM just to make sure it read correctly. Just too time consuming.

So anyone have any other half-baked ideas that work better than this? I have something else I could try which I think would better than this, but I hate to put the work into it and be wrong.

All my carts will be open, so if I can reliably connect directly to the ROM, then mappers are a non-issue. Also I'm not dealing with a bunch of exotic carts from the other side of the world, all licensed NES, and a small handfull of unlicensed. I know a small few of my carts have epoxy blobs, so I'm kinda SOL there.

I'm considering building a CopyNES, but I have a couple questions about that. One, is there a real schematic available anywhere? Ideally one I could print out for tracing/etching a PCB. That would simplify things greatly. Two, where is the image for the 8K EPROM? It doesn't seem to be found on Horton's site.

Or is anyone willing to sell a CopyNES (ha, fat chance) or maybe even "rent" me one for a short period? I would pay shipping and a reasonable fee of course. I know this is unlikely but if so, feel free to message me.

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