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Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 7:33 pm
by Great Hierophant
Not a single one of those actually emulates a useful parallel port, I haven't seen one that's compatible with more than a printer.

There are however USB <-> ISA translators which may do the trick, not sure if anyone's tried that route.

Really though, if your computer doesn't have a parallel port, there are always PCI parallel ports... IMO, the only excuse why you shouldn't have a parallel port is if you own an Apple, someone should really develop a universal PCI-X card thinking of the future.
I have tried the latter two devices. I have an USB2-to-ISA converter that runs a particular midi sound card and do so very well. I also have a PCI Parallel Port (my DFI nF4 DR board no longer has one), and this runs DirectPadPro perfectly. Good solutions, but I think we should be looking forward whenever possible.