Mapper 60 Hardware question.

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Mapper 60 Hardware question.

Post by Snacks » Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:58 am

Yeah. these ones.
any information about this chinese board? pictures or something? any descent cover scan to use as template? my goal is to reproduce some custom 4 in 1 reset based roms done by me.

since ROM structure is really simple, i am doing my own reset-based collections. this is a example:

when i was young, i had a lot of these carts, and i remember are identical than NROM boards.
i am trying to burn this rom inside my 60PIN NROM Devcart but i get working the 3rd game only lol.

need for much special hardware to re-produce this PCB??
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Re: Mapper 60 Hardware question.

Post by lidnariq » Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:01 am

A bunch of multicarts for the Atari 2600 used something like this. They used a CMOS counter, powered through a diode and capacitor, and clocked by Vcc. When power fails, the diode and capacitor keep the CMOS counter powered for several seconds, and each power cycle clocks the counter.

For the NES/Famicom, you don't need to clock on power cycles. (You also don't need the redundant power supply) Instead clock the counter with a lack-of-pulse detector circuit that will notice when M2 stops: viewtopic.php?p=99137#p99137

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