NES Top-Loader A/V Mod

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NES Top-Loader A/V Mod

Post by MNiceGuy » Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:41 pm

Hello everyone.

I've recently completed the A/V mod to my NES Top-Loader by using the kit from RetroFixes. I am not new to this sort of thing (although the mistake I am about to describe may persuade you to think differently) but this was my first top-loader mod.

I chose to take the RF box out and I stupidly attempted to remove it without first desoldering the audio, video, and ground connections. The motherboard wasn't damaged beyond the fact I did end up pulling the plated copper holes out of those connections.

Nonetheless I chose to proceed forward and soldered a lead from the RF's audio connection to a pair of bridged audio jacks (I do not care much for the 'stereo' mod).

I do get nice clean audio but I noticed it's quieter than my front-loaders. I tested by simultaneously hooking said top-loader and a front loader to the same TV, running the same game, through a composite selector switch. The volume difference is apparent.

I have found information stating the top-loader does not amplify the audio out as the front-loader does. This results in lower sound levels with the top-loader when all other conditions remain the same. Can someone confirm/deny that claim?

How necessary are the plated holes for the connections I messed up (RF audio, video, ground)? I know in some situations they are critical but in others they are not necessary. Judging by the fact I have sound and the audio circuit only appears to be on the bottom layer of the board, I might have gotten lucky.

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