Broken Palette Links / and another Palette Choice

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Re: Broken Palette Links / and another Palette Choice

Post by Pokun » Tue Nov 24, 2020 8:37 am

Yeah that's probably an OLED TV. Those are supposed to be able to show "true black" when a LED is off (or it at least absorbs the light very well compared to other display technology). Those screens also has problems with burn-in though. I have a friend that bought an OLED TV and there were burn-in problems after just a few years. He knew they are sensitive but he thought it would last a little longer than that.

Yeah a CRT TV can't be blacker than when its off could it? And since there is this dark grey thingy behind the glass I imagine that the darkest possible colour would still be dark grey.

Whether a 0 IRE or a lower IRE would be darker is a different question.

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Re: Broken Palette Links / and another Palette Choice

Post by LocalH » Thu Dec 10, 2020 1:33 pm

lidnariq wrote:
Mon Nov 23, 2020 9:24 pm
Except that's not true! No CRT TV I've ever seen displays 0 IRE as Really Black, and so -14 IRE has always been Even Darker ... as long as it doesn't lose sync.
The difference would be harder to perceive - in the US, at least - with a properly calibrated set (where setup is considered "black" and calibrated as such). In Japan, I'd imagine the difference would be a bit more noticeable, since there is no setup.

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