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For the controller byte, would it be a good idea to use the high bit to distinguish between games where the controller is required versus games where it is optional? That still gives you 128 possibilities for controller assignments. The idea is to allow emulators to notify the player of an option and ask if they'd like to use it.

I have observed how Nestopia "emulates" R.O.B. It only emulates a portion of R.O.B.'s functionality, namely using the start button to send commands allows buttons A and B on controller two to remain pushed down. Ideally, for either game R.O.B. would be emulated in a second window, where you could see the robot do its thing and his hands and the gyros would be animated. But for Stack-Up, R.O.B. could be easily simulated by writing a little puzzle application in which you can use a cursor to move colored "blocks" in the way R.O.B. can, from the bottom Block you select. R.O.B. has no trouble moving all five Blocks in reality as shown in Jeremy Parish's videos. For U-Force, I think you might be able to get away with using a Wiimote, but for the Power Glove you would need something like a Kinect because the Glove can recognize finger movements. Emulators will ultimately only recognize what they can support.

Also, for Smash TV, I noted that both the NES Satellite/Four Score or the Double-Fisted categories apply to the game, but NES 2.0 only allows you to select one option. I would suggest ditching the double fisted option for this game because the game allows you to use one or two controllers to control each character and clearly indicates it in the game options menu. Crazy Climber requires Double-Fisted control, but it may not be instantly obvious on running the game.

The TV System byte, if strictly enforced, could lead to revisiting most of the "black box" games' ROM headers, as they typically did have PAL-optimized releases. ROMs with the (World) or (USA, Europe) designations would be eligible for designation.

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I agree that a Kinect sensor would be closer to ideal for the Power Glove, as it senses the position of the hand rather than its direction. However, I'd wager that mapping the thumb to the Wii Remote's A button and the other fingers to B should allow existing Glove-aware software to run.

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