Request (or commission?): Music for Sprite Cans

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Request (or commission?): Music for Sprite Cans

Post by tepples » Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:11 pm

Lately I've been cleaning up my old one-off tech demos for an exhibit on GitHub that I call little things, and the intro "Sprite Cans" is one of the next few projects to add. The intro shows 64 cans of Sprite lemon-lime soda bouncing off the sides of the screen. I acknowledge I'm no Andy Warhol, but I see this pun on "sprite" as analogous in some way to his Campbell's Soup Cans.

However, before I put it up, I want to avoid the wrath of ruthless entertainment executives that can get me kicked off GitHub. Without the media licensing budget of National Public Radio, I'll need something to replace Ray Lynch's "Celestial Soda Pop" that fits the theme of the intro and which I'm clearly allowed to use. I'm even open to a paid commission within reason.

Technical rules: No DPCM, no Famicom expansion audio, no $4011 banging, Pently-compatible FamiTracker effects are OK.

(This is the first topic in the little things extrusion series.)

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