Demo of queue for controller button presses

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Demo of queue for controller button presses

Post by blargg » Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:15 pm

I wrote a clean example of how to queue controller button/D-pad presses inside an NMI, then read them from the main program outside the NMI. This allows the user to input lots of presses without the game losing any. The size of the queue can be adjusted to up to 128 presses, plenty for most programs. The example prints button presses, then waits half a second before checking the queue again, allowing you to easily queue up a bunch of presses, then watch them properly print out in sequence. Code assembles with ca65.

These are the core routines that implement the queue:

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; Adds byte A to queue
    ldx write_pos
    sta queue,x
    bpl :+
    ldx #queue_size
:   stx write_pos

    cpx read_pos
    beq queue_overflowed

; Removes byte from queue into A, or 0 if queue is empty
    lda #0
    ldx read_pos
    cpx write_pos
    beq @empty
    lda queue,x
    bpl :+
    ldx #queue_size
:   stx read_pos

    cmp #0

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