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SF Memory Binary Maker

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:42 pm
by moldov
Colleagues, thanks to Infinest, I forked his GB Memory solution and adopted it for SF Memory.
So now You can easily create ROM and map file for Your SF Memory cart.

Obviously the code is a bit messy, so I will clean it up ASAP. Also bugs are expected, so I will try to fix them also. if You need binary it's on "Release" tab.

Don't forget to put "Menu.sfc" 512Kb Menu file from NP cart in the same directory with program.

Thanks to:

sanni - for his masterpiece which gathered all the community solutions for scattered ROMS and platforms

skaman - SNES rom and mapping details

infinest - help with GB Memory Binary Maker source code which I forked and manage to adopt for SNES platform

alex_n00b - bitmap letters for Menu

and all community's creative work which allows to find those hidden gems and undocumented abilities in retro platforms